Soft Edges, Draw Close was a solo exhibition at KARST gallery, corresponding with Draw Close, a permanent public artwork commission. Taking the curtain as a central metaphor, both the exhibition and public sculpture explore the ways that materials frame our experience of domestic and public spaces. 


The exhibition broadens the metaphor of the curtain from the public commission by expanding on the notion of thresholds between public and private space. New works make reference to the role that cultural, political and technological histories of decorative and applied arts have played in social change with the artist’s unorthodox approach to printmaking translated through a range of materials. The process of layering and the different stages that an image goes through is something that is taken across materials, influenced by a background in print.


Large architecturally-scaled works occupy the main expanse of the gallery space, contrasting with an intimate curtain clad ‘viewing room’ to the rear of the gallery - referencing the division between public and private. 

Domestic scaled works within this room exist as samplers for hypothetical products, blurring a common distinction between artwork and product. 

Works within the exhibition look to the history of textiles in regard to the documentation of flora from a particular time or place. Floral depictions now commonplace in everyday domestic items - such as the net curtain - stem from these scientific studies, abstracted either through their method of production or an artist's hand.  


Methods of halftone screening are adopted to create binary imagery which is embraced and exaggerated throughout the exhibition. The process generates new imagery through a set of manually controllable variables that can be manipulated to hold a certain amount of detail but never reproduce an exact representation of the original image. In this way, the processing creates a new image which isn’t fixed in time or fixed in meaning, and can still be malleable to speak about those histories and processes. Not to romanticise but to hold within them that questioning nature.

Soft Edges, Draw Close

Solo Exhibition

KARST Gallery, 2022